There are several ways to keep in contact with Earth, feel its kindness and comprehension.
During the pandemic curfew period in 2020 I felt the need to develop something to reduce fear and anxiety. I followed my intuition and it brought me into the forest.
Thanks to this experience, I started to add at each walking in the forest, a moment of stretching exercises and tree hugging. The result was superb. I found what I needed.
I discovered again the primary importance of a reconnection and immersion with the surrounding living Nature in a deeper way.
Let's exchange its love with our love and gratitude.


Walking, stretching exercises and tree hugging

What are the benefits for the person:
less blood pressure;
less cortisol;
more oxytocin production;
great pleasure;
better mood;
reduce headaches;
improve concentration and reduce risk of depression;
restore a good connection with Mother Nature;

Hug your tree with body and face glued to its bark, feet against the roots and eyes closed. Breathe calmly and let your body melt with your new friend and become one ... taste the benefits of this private contact for as long as you want.

Do you want to try this unforgettable experience ?