As Shiatsu practitioner I studied the Meridian Stretching Exercises by Shizuto Masunaga.
Meridian Stretching Exercises have been designed by Masunaga to strengthen the Ki, the life force, within the body and improve health and vitality.
The goal of each single stretching is to stimulate the energy through the associated meridian and permit to the energy a free flow circulation. This will produce a state of balance, mentally and physically. Besides, the body will get an improvement of flexibility and elasticity.
During the exercises the focus must be the mind relaxation and awareness about each posture. The more the mind is relaxed, the more the body will reach the best posture.
Meridian Stretching Exercises are a self-therapy to avoid energy stagnation....within everyone's reach.
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By Shizuto Masunaga


Meridian Stretching Exercises

How to practice the exercises:
* Pay attention to your breathing and to what happens inside your body
* Don’t force a stretch;
* Imagine the energy flow circulating through the meridians;
* If you feel pain or a not relaxed position, maybe you are too far into the position/stretching;
* Practice slowly, fluent and in a relaxed manner

Benefits of meridian stretching exercises:

* Stress relief
* Improvement of energy and blood circulation
* Better concentration and focus
* More calm and relaxed mind
* Be more aware of the body
* Prevent body injuries
* Improves posture
* Decrease tension headaches
* Heal and prevent back pain