There are several ways to keep in contact with Earth, feel its kindness, receive its compassion and comprehension.
Let's exchange its love with our love and gratitude.

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Here below an interesting text to read about the Silvotherapy (FR):
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Mindful walking and movements, mantra, meditation and tree hugging

What are the benefits for the person:
less blood pressure;
less cortisol;
more oxytocin production;
great pleasure;
better mood;
reduce headaches;
improve concentration and reduce risk of depression;
restore a good connection with Mother Nature;

Mindful walking and movements:
Walking and living in the present moment with all body. Pay attention at your breathing, your movements and feelings without judging. Let yourself simply being. To be still alive is a miracle.

A Mantra is a sacred sound that support your evolution as human being through its vibrations. It helps to create a link in deep with your soul and your essence. It makes space to the gratitude about Life and it is a mind cleaning technique.

Lie down on the ground of the forest. Imagine now you and the leaves, the trees, the sound of the forest, your body becomes one with the earth, all yourself is connected to the orginal source. Ground yourself in the present moment by letting drop your mind. This is the meditation you will encounter. Mother Nature is waiting for you.

Tree Hugging:
Hug your tree with body and face glued to its bark, feet against the roots and eyes closed. Breathe calmly and let your body melt with your new friend and become one ... taste the benefits of this private contact for as long as you want.

Do you want to try this unforgettable experience ?